Cover to JQ Sirls' new picture book, Welcome to Fantoria

WELCOME TO FANTORIA | picture book

With the prince of Fantoria as your tour guide, ‘Welcome to Fantoria’ introduces the birth world, forbidden lands and ancient kingdoms of imaginary friends and other make-believe creatures. Things you’d need to know and see before becoming a future resident.

created by
JQ Sirls
published by
World of Fantoria x Grown Child LLC
for ages
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Several color planets in a candy-like solar system. Giant imaginary friends walking amongst smaller imaginary friends in an open fairytale fieldAn illustration of Nary Oogleberry, the first imaginary friend.
New picture book 
Winter 2022

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A fictional ticket to a make-believe train that takes you to the world of imaginary friends
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JQ Sirls is an interdisciplinary artist, designer, and author working within the intersection of arts, entertainment, tech, and design.

Imagination and curiosity are underlying themes throughout his practice, fueling his passion for creating a shared enthusiasm in adults and youth on projects commonly exclusive to one or the other.

Inspired by Walt Disney, Roald Dhal, and Dr. Seuss, JQ created Fantoria at age seven and has slowly built on its vast universe with stories and more ever since. While every picture book he's released prior teased the Fantoriverse and its central planet, 'Welcome to Fantoria' is its official introduction.

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